Membranes we Specialise in

  • High performance touch on felt membrane, this is a heat applied bituminous sheet membrane that provides excellent waterproofing and UV resistance.  Use for roofs , gutters , decks/balconies, below grade tanking / foundations, plant boxes.
  • Butynol roofing available in 1mm and 1.5mm thickness, normally in black is a single layer system, use for roofs, gutters and decks / balconies.
  • TPO membrane is a wide sheet, heat wieldable, eco-friendly waterproofing system.  Use for low slope roofs, gutters and pond liners.
  • Mastic asphalt is the ultimate in protection for a wide range of construction applications.  It offers total waterproofing integrity for roofing and tanking.  It can also be used as a damp-proof membrane in flooring and is ideal for paving and offering a durable wearing surface.
  • Fiberglass membrane is durable and high puncture resistant it does not absorb water and is thereby unaffected byponding water.  Use for roofs, decks  /balconies and ideal for repairs and overlaying old membranes. 
  • Epdm is a rubber membrane and cost effective ,the fibre backing provides a protective underside barrier that allows application over a wide range of surfaces ,including some existing membranes and bitumen.  Extra strength, high puncture, tear and impact resistance.  Ability to be laid over surfaces with moisture content, no delays with uncured slabs and water vapour can dissipate without causing stress to the membrane.  
  • Self-Adhesive bituminous membrane has fibre reinforcement for waterproofing its light weight and flexible ideal for tanking and urgent repairs. Its cold applied and installed without the use off a naked flame.
  • Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane (MM6125) is a tough and flexable self-healing membrane made up with Asphalts and synthetic  rubbers. Can be installed on  (0 degree roofs) , For concrete and screed sub-straights only. 


Paul Hempstead installing a 50 meter Mastic asphalt roof . New world, Queen Street